3 inch offset White are in stock.

3 inch offset Black are in stock.

4 inch offset are now avaliable in black.

Items are sold as a Pair- 2 plates & 8 screws




1 pair 3" or 4" = $15.98
+ shipping

10 pairs 3" or 4" = $129.80
($30 discount) + shipping

**Please verify color and offset.

offset is back of door to back of toekick

Pick your size, color and quantity:

* S&H be calculated upon checkout.
** Please verify 3" or 4" offset

Click to download our spec sheet

We can supply you with the perfect solution to complying with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities act to provide wheelchair access to sinks or other counter area.

  • 1. Just screw the plate to the door using the enclosed screws, the plate has tabs to align it with the bottom of the door
  • .2. Attach the toe kick material to the plate and adjust fit, plate is adjustable in both left/right and up/down directions.
  • Click to download our spec sheet

***Shipping costs for 10 sets are based on bulk packaging. If you prefer to have each set individually boxed then the shipping rate is higher due to the size of the package. Call or Email for shipping rates.

Our 18 gauge steel powder coated bracket allows the toe kick to swing out with the cabinet door allowing unimpeded access for wheel chairs to sink, counter, desk, or other work areas.

The toe kick can be the same material as the cabinets allowing a truly professional quality job without complicated joinery. This fully adjustable bracket provides a quick, strong, and inexpensive solution to a achieving a quality project. Available in two offsets 3" and 4" to allow for different toe kick depths.

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